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PT ALVIA TRI MANDIRI (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

PT. Alvia Tri Mandiri was established in 2008 engaged in the General Chemicals Distributor for home care industries, the food industry, and other general products for the industry.

With more than 15 years of experience in the chemical and food additive business, we strive to meet all customer needs with various types of products from leading manufacturers throughout the world.

Our vision is to become a leading company in the chemical and food additive business by helping customers choose the right quality products and competitive prices without ignoring product delivery time.

With our extensive warehouse capacity, we can also help our customers to maintain the stock in our warehouse.

Additive Food:

We provide food and enzyme additives for various types of food industries such as pudding, milk and beverages, jelly and candy with products that have product quality certificates.

Our various types of products combine several food additive product suppliers, with 100% pure or mixed results, all formulated to satisfy the specifications needed by customers.

We provide :

- Carrageenan all types
- sweeteners (Xylitol, Aspartame, acesulfame K, etc.)
- Sorbitol
- Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin)
- Natural and synthetic dyes (Tartrazine, Briliant Blue, Caramel)
- Preservatives (Benzoic acid, Sodium benzoate)
- Citric Acid Mono And Anhydrous
- Modified Starch

Industrial Application:

General chemicals are also available to meet the needs of our customers in a variety of applications and industries, such as:

- Biocide industry: THPS, CMIT, Sodium, Hypochlorite, TCCA
- Anti Foam
- Coagulant and Flocculant
- Sodium Metabisulfite
- Corrosion Inhibitors
- Scale inhibitors
- Lithium Hydroxide
- Hydrogenated Castor Oil
- CMC: Industrial And Food Grade

Home Care:

one of them is from selected products from natural ingredients and well-known manufacturers.

In order to meet customer expectations in the global market we have several types of products including hair and oral care applications which consist of:

- Emulsifier
- Thickener
- Abrassives
- Surfactant
- Biocide / Micobiological control
- Silica
- Rheology control / Xanthan Gum
- Sweetener / Xylitol Food Grade


Komp, Prima Centre Blok A No.1 Pesing Poglar Jakarta Barat Jakarta Barat 11710
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia



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